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Inner Work & Impact

“Real change is a combination of heart, commitment, and resilience; when we start from within, the path ahead becomes clearer.”

— Shakiyla Smith, Vice President, Organizational Culture

As we learn from the world’s greatest faith and spiritual teachers, the journey to create a more just, loving, and spirit-rooted world begins from within. Every great social movement begins when a small group of change makers turn their focus onto the movements within their own spirits. They examine their purpose, cultivate practices to align with their faith and spiritual beliefs, sharpen their vision, and strengthen their resolve.

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The Power of Vision

“Storytelling is the thread that weaves vision into the fabric of reality. With patient hands and open hearts, we can empower truth-tellers to mend the frayed stories of the past and stitch together a vibrant tapestry of hope to guide us forward.”

— Sara Critchfield, Vice President, Global Outreach

Behind the organizing and the action, the contemplation and reflection, there is always a bold new vision to help people see the world as it could be, not as it is. From the civil rights movement to the quest for creation care, compelling narratives are the cornerstones of impactful social movements.

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Join the Movement

"A just world finds firm foundation in the human spirit. May we build the future together, from the sacred ground up."

— Bob Boisture, President & CEO

The spiritual foundation for a just world is being built, one loving heart at a time.

Across cultures and creeds, a decentralized movement is emerging to put faith and spirituality into compassionate action. Led by people of conscience, sacred-centered organizations are supporting communities, fighting injustice, and spreading seeds of renewal and love.

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Funding a Faith-Based Global Movement

"I come from a people where community is essential and lifesaving. Community has saved me from loneliness, from being afraid that I wasn’t loved by God, and supported me in seeing the possibility of being at a special place like Fetzer. 

Fetzer takes a bold stance that philanthropy at its best is centered in Love, Spirit, and Sacred Mystery. 

We consistently see the ways many funders, donor advisors, and individual donors are ready to engage with faith and philanthropy. They are looking for ways to bring their spiritual side—a side so often ignored in philanthropy—into their giving.”

— Rodney McKenzie, Jr., Vice President, Ally Development

Most religious and spiritual paths teach us through their wisdom that suffering is the window to the Divine. Across all traditions,  spiritual innovators are mobilizing for a better world. Yet these Sacred-centered changemakers lack adequate resources.

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