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Stories Shape Movements: Every Great Movement Begins with a Story.

“Storytelling is the thread that weaves vision into the fabric of reality. With patient hands and open hearts, we can empower truth-tellers to mend the frayed stories of the past and stitch together a vibrant tapestry of hope to guide us forward.”

— Sara Critchfield, Vice President, Global Outreach

Behind the organizing and the action, the contemplation and reflection, there is always a bold new vision to help people see the world as it could be, not as it is. From the civil rights movement to the quest for creation care, compelling narratives are the cornerstones of impactful social movements.

Vision is the spark that starts the fire of change. Narrative is the wind that fans the flame.

An impressionistic artwork depicting the joy and wonder of World Book Day. Generative AI

As the great Jewish luminary, Abraham Heschal once said, “Words create worlds.” That's why we actively support today's movement-builders in honing their narratives. We also study how visionary stories from Holy Scriptures can enrich modern, spirit-rooted activism.

On this page, you'll hear wise perspectives on crafting new narratives that include the whole human family and are rooted in faith and spirituality. 

Remember, storytelling begins with you. Each of us has a voice that deserves to be heard. So take heart and add your verse to the unfolding song of social progress.

The story of a better world is waiting to be told. Won't you help us tell it?

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