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The Fetzer Institute is dedicated to helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world. We do this by funding innovators and organizations that research spirituality, engage in individual and societal spiritual transformation, and build the spiritual infrastructure for the future, especially in service of our current program areas of Democracy, Education, Faith & Spirituality, and Organizational Culture. We believe in the power of ideas and we convene leaders to explore, discover, sharpen, and publish on spiritual transformation. And we work with allies with shared values within philanthropy to achieve greater impact.

We invite you to explore a full list of our partners and projects since 2015 in the database below.

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Project TitlePartnerProject DescriptionAmountProgram AreaYear Approved
Depolarization: Mending Rural & Urban Divide$300,000Millions of Conversations
Funding for Millions of Conversations’ Depolarization Summit and related programming through the further development of the 3142 Program that aims to de-escalate rising tensions in...
$300,000DemocracyMillions of Conversations2022
The Story of a Spiritual Movement for Love and Peace in Latin America$75,000Duke Divinity School
Funding to advance a landscaping partnership with Dr. Nina Balmaceda, associate director of Duke Divinity School’s Center for Reconciliation and Transformation and national directo...
$75,000Faith & SpiritualityDuke Divinity School2022
Breaking Ground - A Christian Humanist Vision of Love$150,000Cardus
This project with Cardus, through Breaking Ground, will build a two-way street of learning and accountability between local doers and the national intellectual and coalition leader...
$150,000Faith & SpiritualityCardus2022
Project on Unity and American Democracy$200,000Vanderbilt University
The collaboration with the Vanderbilt Project on Unity and American Democracy will organize a symposium on how we might find belonging through the Sacred by exploring sacred experi...
$200,000DemocracyVanderbilt University2022
Of the Love - Amoris Christi$150,000Amoris Christi Inc.
Funding to support the Amoris Christi Institute’s interlocking initiatives: Anointed and Sent and the Institute for Excellence. Amoris Christi, an affiliate of Jesus Youth (a ponti...
$150,000Faith & SpiritualityAmoris Christi Inc.2022
Millennial Lawmakers to Heal Divides$600,000Millennial Action Project
This collaboration will enable the Millennial Action Project (MAP) to implement the Pluribus Fellowship, a spiritually grounded leadership development framework for young lawmakers...
$600,000DemocracyMillennial Action Project2022
Spirituality Study Re-Fielding and Research Symposium$400,000Fetzer Institute
The Institute’s spirituality study was an examination of spirituality in America today that covered the topic with greater depth and breadth than any other contemporary research. T...
$400,000Faith & SpiritualityFetzer Institute2022
Rituals of Love$350,000Krueger & Lee
The concept is to design a national festival of LOVE hosted by faith organizations to promote a common experience, ritual, and language of love. The design will include revenue gen...
$350,000Faith & SpiritualityKrueger & Lee2022
Care Lab$150,000Care Lab
Support to build on the success of CARE LAB’s Three Dinners pilot initiative. This partnership will catalyze CARE LAB to reach up to 50% of U.S. Senate Chiefs of Staff with care-ce...
$150,000Faith & SpiritualityCare Lab2022
Solutions Journalism Support$140,400Solutions Journalism Network
Funding for the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) to support a six-month feasibility study and three demonstration projects to introduce and apply solutions journalism within the ...
$140,400DemocracySolutions Journalism Network2022
Gratitude Revealed Film & Impact Campaign$250,000Protect What We Love
This project seeks to support the film and accompanying impact campaign for the film Gratitude Revealed. Produced by the award-winning cinematographer and director Louie Schwartzbe...
$250,000Shared Sacred StoryProtect What We Love2022
Productive Spirituality, Death and Work$185,000Theos
Their current portfolio of programs pivots around three streams: Living, Doing and Being. During our recent ideations, we felt that the topic of death, meaningful work and spiritua...
$185,000Faith & SpiritualityTheos2022
Cultivating Human Institutions with Capacities for Sacred Purpose$200,000Redeeming Babel
A partnership with Redeeming Babel to develop the civic character of Christians in their institutional lives by addressing the historic neglect of institutions in Christian charact...
$200,000Faith & SpiritualityRedeeming Babel2022
Strengthening Democracy Challenge Sponsorship$13,500Stanford Polarization Lab
The Institute is an existing funder of the Strengthening Democracy Challenge, an extensive tournament-style study of short (up to 8-minute), online interventions that aim to mitiga...
$13,500DemocracyStanford Polarization Lab2022
America Talks: Creating Connection in the Midst of Deep Division$50,000Listen First Project, Inc.
In April 2022, thousands of Americans will converse face-to-face on video with those who have different backgrounds and beliefs. Each conversation will provide a repairing stitch t...
$50,000DemocracyListen First Project, Inc.2022
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