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Help us contribute to a more loving world!

We are a community inspired by love, fueled by the power of connection, and dedicated to making our world a better place. We strive to uphold four basic values in our working environment.

Love for self, others, and the natural world is key to flourishing and transformation. This includes the source of love that guides our personal religious, spiritual, and/or wisdom traditions.

Trust and respect are essential in all our relationships. This begins with assuming good intent, listening generously, and recognizing our interconnection.

Authenticity is central to the hospitality we extend to each other and our guests: we welcome who you are and the gifts you bring to the work we do together.

Belonging in its many forms: representation, acceptance, and inclusion. We each play a part in contributing to a community where everyone feels they belong.

Our benefits are designed to balance mind-body-spirit, work-home-community, and to contribute to individual, family, and community wellbeing. This includes comprehensive health coverage, retirement savings account, a generous time off policy, opportunities for personal and professional enrichment, a 2:1 matching gifts policy, paid volunteer time, and more.

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A Beloved Community

To contribute to a more loving world, we have found it essential for us to be a more loving staff and workplace. Our goal is to create an environment that welcomes people to bring their full selves to our work together. 

Our founder John Fetzer believed that for the Fetzer Institute to succeed it had to be more than a collection of individuals. Instead, it had to be a cohesive community that was bound together by a larger purpose.

For three hours each week, our full staff stops work and either together or individually cultivates their spiritual path—however they define it. We explore personal spiritual interests, share new ideas and work, build connections with teammates and partners, and learn about topics from emotional intelligence to mindfulness to spiritual parenting. We believe that providing the space to develop such a community will help us become a more effective organization by creating a culture of love and authenticity. Ultimately, we hope that this intentional effort will help us embody the work we aspire to do in the world.