Retreat Centers

GilChrist and Seasons, our two retreat centers, were created to support both personal use and our work with Fetzer partners. These special spaces invite reflection; foster community and wellbeing; and encourage a deeper sense of connection with ourselves, our many communities, and our planet.

When reflecting on what draws people to GilChrist, founder Molly Vass Lehman describes it simply as a need "to remember." People come to GilChrist to remember loved ones, their spiritual and creative selves, a lost purpose, a need to celebrate or contemplate life. GilChrist supports this web of connection and warmly welcomes both groups and individuals of all faiths and affiliations.

Seasons is where we gather with Fetzer partners to bring heart and soul to some of our society's greatest challenges. Our founder, John Fetzer, envisioned a place that would support small groups in dialogue, and Seasons: A Center for Renewal is just that place. We like to say that it is not so much a retreat from the demands of the world as an engagement with its deepest possibilities.