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The Path Forward: The signs are clear that the old ways are crumbling — from growing inequality to deepening divides, our systems are failing us — we need a faith based global solution

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"I come from a people where community is essential and lifesaving. Community has saved me from loneliness, from beingafraid that I wasn’t loved by God, and supported me in seeing the possibility of being at a special place like Fetzer. 

Fetzer takes a bold stance that philanthropy at its best is centered in Love, Spirit and Sacred Mystery. 

We consistently see the ways many funders, donor advisors, and individual donors are ready to engage with faith and philanthropy. They are looking for ways to bring their spiritual side—a side so often ignored in philanthropy—into their giving.”

— Rodney McKenzie, Jr., Vice President, Ally Development

Most religious and spiritual paths teach us through their wisdom that suffering is the window to the Divine. Across all traditions,  spiritual innovators are mobilizing for a better world. Yet these Sacred-centered changemakers lack adequate resources.

That's where you come in.

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Philanthropy focused on faith-based initiatives is critical now, more than ever. Even small investments can have big ripple effects.

At the Fetzer Institute, we help funders support social change organizations inspired to build a just world from a foundation of love. On this page, we'll share uplifting stories about funders making an impact in their communities. You'll find resources on aligning your giving with your values. And you'll discover ways to join a growing movement of sacred-centered philanthropy.

The future is unfolding, one person, one act at a time. We can't do it alone — but together, we have everything we need.

Take a look to some of the programs we are currently funding, thanks to the generosity of our partners. 

Are you ready to fund this global movement? 

Fund a global movement for Love, here.

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