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Spiritual Development to Amplify Outer Impact 

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“Real change is a combination of heart, commitment, and resilience; when we start from within, the path ahead becomes clearer.”

— Shakiyla Smith, Vice President, Organizational Culture

As we learn from the world’s greatest faith and spiritual teachers, the journey to create a more just, loving, and spirit-rooted world begins from within. Every great social movement begins when a small group of changemakers turns their focus onto the movements within their own spirits. They examine their purpose, cultivate practices to align with their faith and spiritual beliefs, sharpen their vision, and strengthen their resolve.

This inner spiritual development—the intentional cultivation of self-awareness, wisdom, and connection through contemplation, meditation, and ritual—equips individual changemakers and organizations for the long road ahead. It sustains them through the inevitable setbacks and challenges. It nurtures the empathy required to see beyond differences and build alliances.

In simpler words; change starts from within. Social renewal requires personal renewal. Social change requires organizations that are changed. The inner life fuels the outer work.

At Fetzer, our dedication to inward personal and organizational reflection transcends introspection; it signifies a strategic shift towards actionable and influential external initiatives. Our organizational spiritual development is not an afterthought—it's fundamental to all we do. We integrate Spirit-rooted practices into our organizational culture, from a slower pace to staff retreats to opening reflections before a meeting starts, to weekly three-hour-long spiritual learning and practice sessions. And we actively partner with social change organizations exploring innovative ways to combine inner and outer work.

On this page, we invite you into our organizational journey and also spotlight stories from fellow visionary organizations. These are tales of dedication, of diving deep within to inspire the outward actions that reshape our world. Discover practical gems for your own rejuvenation and feel the heartbeat of a community where inner contemplation and reflection fuel genuine change.

Most importantly, you'll see that meaningful change starts with you. When we do our inner work, our vision clears, our purpose aligns, and our power grows. We become the leaders this moment needs––people with open minds, compassionate hearts, and the courage "to bend the moral arc of the universe toward justice."

The journey begins within. Will you join us?

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