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Building a World United in Love: The spiritual foundation for a just world is being built, one loving heart at a time.

"A just world finds firm foundation in the human spirit. May we build the future together, from the sacred ground up."

— Bob Boisture, President & CEO

The spiritual foundation for a just world is being built, one loving heart at a time.

Across cultures and creeds, a decentralized movement is emerging to put faith and spirituality into compassionate action. Led by people of conscience, sacred-centered organizations are supporting communities, fighting injustice, and spreading seeds of renewal and love.

Their approaches are creative and courageous. Their commitment is steadfast. And they show how spirituality — when authentically lived — can help heal divides and uplift humanity.

At the Fetzer Institute, we stand shoulder to shoulder with these faith-based, spirit-rooted changemakers.

Because we know lasting change doesn't come from one leader—it comes from all of us. There is a role only you can play. A voice only you can lend. A difference only you can make.

On this page, we'll introduce you to diverse faith organizations and leaders building a future of love, empathy and belonging. You'll learn about their work and hear what motivates their communities. Most importantly, you'll discover ways to join the movement.

Lend your hands to serve. Open your heart to grow. Unite your spirit with others.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step — we hope yours starts right here.

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