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  • The Spiritual Path Toward Healing and Hope

    We are thrilled to share with you a new episode from the "Everything Happens" podcast series featuring Rainn Wilson and Kate Bowler. This special episode, recorded at the Fetzer Institute, is now available!
  • On Realistic Hope: A Reflection on Advent, Diwali, and Hanukkah

    The question we might uplift in response is how can we hold on to a realistic hopefulness? I think a great starting point are these celebrations of hope and justice that are drawn out of our faith traditions. 
  • Funding a Faith-Based Global Movement

    Most religious and spiritual paths teach us through their wisdom that suffering is the window to the Divine. Across all traditions,  spiritual innovators are mobilizing for a better world. Yet these Sacred-centered changemakers lack adequate resources.

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Join Fetzer and Carve Out Time for Your Spirit

20 minutes. The time it takes to check and respond to the morning’s emails. To walk your dog. To run 2.5 miles. To power nap. To do a load of laundry. To read a lengthy editorial or a chapter in your current book.  

What if you spent those 20 minutes differently? In ways that nourish you and, by default, the communities you move in — even professionally. We are sacred beings. Making time to connect with our divine source is as natural and as essential as breathing. Yet so few of us make time to do it on a daily basis.

Building on Fetzer’s commitment to embody the loving, sacred world we’re working to actualize, that’s just what we’re doing. Over a decade ago, we realized that if we are going to realize our vision of helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world, we must begin with ourselves

So, no matter what is going on, at 2:00 p.m. each day, Fetzer’s Spiritual Engagement Coordinator Nathan Moore rings a sacred meditation bell in a communal space at Fetzer called the Atrium and leads the entire staff through a 20-minute meditation.

It’s become part of our culture to build a strong sense of community among our staff while cultivating their spiritual paths—however they define those. We’ve tried different practices, some more fruitful than others. What we have learned is that no matter what form it takes, a commitment to practicing spiritual solutions as a professional community makes a difference to everyone we’re connected with and ultimately, to all our stakeholders. 

It has improved our relationships, morale, and the ability of staff to tackle difficult conversations. And it’s given each of us a deeper connection to our mission and our role in it. 

You can connect with the Sacred — even at work — and enjoy these same benefits. And we have a new way for you to do just that! 

We invite you to join Nathan and Fetzer in our new, bi-weekly meditation series, Spiritual Engagement Coordinator. You’ll find the first video here. To catch future episodes, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Spiritual Solutions for Your Work Community

Who doesn't want to find a space in their day to tend to their spirit — in between meetings, right where they work? Imagine how it could transform you and your community to create a space in your day to honor yourself and your connection to the Sacred — whatever that looks like for you.

We dream of a unified society, marked by people who embody the loving kindness we would like to receive. Spiritual discipline takes practice, but the rewards are immense. We’ve found that gifts abound when we stop the flow of our day intentionally, when we make time for a daily spiritual practice, when we carve out time to connect with the Sacred.  

How can you take a small action step today to get you closer to connect with the Sacred in your daily life? How would your workplace improve if you and your colleagues had this opportunity? Do you think others would join you? 

Make time for the Sacred in your day, and let’s build a spiritual foundation for a loving world — together.

Watch here:

Learn more about how our daily practice of connecting to the Sacred impacts our work and our culture.

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