Meet Nathan

I perform a wide range of functions at the Institute. Working with our Organizational Culture Department, I help develop content and coordinate presenters for our staff's weekly Community of Freedom Gatherings. Additionally, I have the great privilege of engaging the general public on a regular basis; answering questions, responding to requests, tending to public events, mailing resources, giving tours, and more. I was the program assistant on Fetzer’s Campaign for Love & Forgiveness and our collaboration on the Charter for Compassion and continue to carry with me all I learned from these public programs.

I want our mission to be accessible to everyone! I love talking to others about our work, but more importantly, I love learning more about how others, beyond our staff and partners, are helping to build a more loving world.

I came to Kalamazoo 26 years ago to study communications at Western Michigan University. I’ve never strayed far from here since then. This city has strong gravity!

These are a few of my favorite things: My dear sweet husband, dear friends and family, all things music, art, a good Monte Cristo sandwich, thrift stores, strong black coffee, kind strangers, and archaic video games. I sing with a few bands and recently branched out into solo singing and songwriting. I practice Buddhism and have a daily meditation practice. I dislike exercise, but I do it twice a day because it helps me stay centered and focused.