Meet Sandy

At Fetzer, I provide support for our multi-talented COO/EVP and the senior leaders who work with him. My work life could be described like an air traffic controller. There are so many facets of our work at the Institute and many of them pass through my small cubicle. I love to anticipate needs and ensure communication avenues stay open. Mentoring others as we serve together helps me to share my gifts and talents. I also enjoy interacting with new staff as they learn about how we engage together in our Community of Freedom.

I earned a BS in Bible/Christian Education from Emmaus Bible College. Over my working career, based in many locations, I’ve supported a mayor; engaged in various children’s support work, including a rural Head Start program; and was a group leader for an administrative team at a scientific organization. I hold a CAP, OM certification from the International Association of Administrative Professionals and enjoy networking with office professionals.

We have family and grandchildren who live far away in Pennsylvania and Arkansas, so travel and video calls are part of us growing together. I love to care about people’s hearts and think appreciation is something that can make a small difference every day.