Meet Katie

My role in Ally Development is to help keep the team, and especially our VP Rodney, floating along. I like to say that I am the putty of the team, connecting our many parts and making sure nothing gets dropped.

My professional background is mostly in fundraising and development. What I loved most about that work was meeting new people, building relationships, working through sometimes complicated logistics, and finding authentic ways to partner and work on projects together. I found that I was at a spot in my career where the importance lay more in the title of the position that the actual work. So, I intentionally chose to search for a new opportunity and that would allow me to focus on the work, my strengths, and what kind of team I wanted to be a part of. I’m so happy to have trusted myself and taken the steps because what was waiting on the other side is beautiful and exciting!

I also love to spend time with my husband, Andy, and our two cats (Luna and Harper) and our sweet, squishy pit bull (Tonks.) We love to explore, play games, spend time with our friends, and laugh. (Laughter is central in my life—I even did standup comedy during college!) You’ll often find me listening to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, crafting something slightly ridiculous, or snuggled up with a big book.