Rainn Wilson, Kate Bowler and Fetzer Staff

Success is often defined by material gains, job titles, and superficial benchmarks. However, the nurturing of our spiritual health and awareness can tend to fall by the wayside. 

But that is not the case for actor, author, and spiritual revolutionary, Rainn Wilson. In an interview between Rainn and Kate Bowler, host of the podcast Everything Happens and recorded at the Fetzer Institute—they remind us that at the heart of human existence lies an instinctual appetite for spirituality and faith—a deeply ingrained desire to be a part of something bigger than oneself.

Cultivating Faith in the Face of Adversity

Both Rainn and Kate went through tumultuous hurdles and came away from hardship with insights that speak to the heart of the human condition. 

Rainn's early childhood, marked by eccentricity and a family that didn't fit the conventional mold, laid the groundwork for his spiritual exploration. Yet, it was through loss and discovery that his spirituality truly began to manifest into something richer.

On the other hand, Kate found herself at the crossroads of life and death at the early age of 35. Diagnosed with stage four cancer, she quickly became a testament to the harsh realities of human vulnerability. Through her journey, she uncovered a simple irony—how one can be so deeply immersed in wealth and happiness yet be so profoundly touched by illness and uncertainty.

While each of their circumstances might differ from one another, they both shared a similar realization of a need for something bigger, something sacred. 

Spearheading a Spiritual Revolution

Both Rainn and Kate believe there’s a very real need for a spiritual revolution. The world needs a society-wide change where love and genuine connection triumph over everything else. 

During the discussion, we heard Rainn reference his book, Soul Boom, which proposes a society where individuals are driven not by selfish desires but by a commitment to collective well-being.

Kate's journey, marred by illness, shows us the merit of resilience and radical acceptance. The pain and uncertainty of her circumstance sparked her own spiritual awakening, one where she embraced the full spectrum of human emotions—from the depths of despair to new heights of hope.

How to Transform in Your Own Faith

So, what does a spiritual revolution look like in your own life?

For the staff at Fetzer, part of it takes the form of company-wide gatherings every Tuesday morning of the week. Everyone in the organization comes together for three hours of the day to grow and expand their perspectives and capacities as a collective whole. It’s all part of John Fetzer’s original vision to foster a cohesive community.

Even during recording Kate and Rainn’s interview, Fetzer staff members sat in and listened to their discussion live, because it bore so much application in their own community.

Rainn suggests starting with small, tangible actions that foster community and connection. He spoke about the power of simple acts of service and the profound impact they can have on both the giver and the receiver.

And these “acts of service” aren’t always what you might assume they ought to be. It can be something as simple as making someone laugh or creating something beautiful; these are all acts of service that grow you closer to a sacred, shared flourishing.

Inner Spiritual Path for an External Sacred Movement

As you think about the dialogue shared between Kate and Rainn, remember the impact we can make in our communities and beyond, all by staying connected to one another, something larger than yourself, and exhibiting sacred love to each other. 

To hear more about Kate and Rainn’s in-depth conversation, please visit the Everything Happens Podcast.

To watch the full episode and hear from the Fetzer Community, visit Fetzer’s YouTube channel.