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In her book Radical Self-Acceptance, Tara Brach, describes a simple spiritual practice for reframing how you see yourself:

"Sometimes the easiest way to appreciate ourselves is by looking through the eyes of someone who loves us. A friend told me that when he sees himself through the eyes of his spiritual teacher, he remembers how deeply devoted he is to seeking the truth. One of my clients realizes he is lovable when he remembers how his grandfather used to delight in his boyish curiosity and inventiveness. Sometimes seeing ourselves through the eyes of a close friend can help us to remember our good qualities.... We don't have to limit our appreciators to the human world. I once saw a bumper sticker that said: 'Lord, help me to see myself the way my dog sees me.'... The practice of looking through the eyes of one who loves us can be a powerful and surprisingly direct way to remember our beauty and goodness."

From whose perspective will you see yourself? What do they see? What do they appreciate in you?

This practice was developed for the Fetzer Institute by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, directors of Spirituality & Practice.

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