Meet Mohammed

I believe in solving problems and seeing opportunities in the most complicated and ambiguous of problems. In my area, we do advance reconnaissance and probe the unknown in the course of our programs and partnerships, which can span various topics from civic virtues and American democracy to social teachings of the faith traditions and social transformation.

I am especially fond of a collaboration with Healthy Minds Innovations to develop an app designed to optimize wellbeing via spiritual practices—neuroscience meets contemplation meets technology. This project not only has a functional side to it, it also addresses the mysteries of the mind, the question of purpose, and the invisible bonds in life. In all of this work, I particularly appreciate connecting with younger thinkers, scholars, and students of all kinds.

My formal education is in the humanities, social science, and human-computer interaction. My personal interests have no boundaries—I actually believe in blurring boundaries of any kind, be it disciplines, functions, or identities. It’s the spaces in between where creativity happens.