Michelle and Shakiyla assist with an event

Michelle and Shakiyla help prepare for our morning with Fetzer guests.

  • Fetzer staff

The Fetzer Institute has made to following updates to its staff. Jonathan Lever, chief operating officer and executive vice president noted, "We are blessed to have a diverse and talented staff, and I am proud to announce the promotion of a number of individuals into new roles that will help advance the Institute's mission."

Sharif Azami has been promoted to senior program officer. In his prior role as a program officer, Sharif managed a portfolio of projects in the areas of democracy, faith and spirituality, and business ethics. Sharif’s new work will focus on the Institute’s interests in democracy.

Matt Bambacht has been promoted from groundskeeper to facilities coordinator. In his new position, Matt will be responsible for the administration of the Institute’s health and safety program and assisting with managing Institute facilities and supporting maintenance of all Fetzer properties.

Meghan Campbell has been promoted from archives intern to interim program associate and will serve in this position through August 2020. In her new work Meghan will support programs in spiritual formation and also serve as a research assistant to the president's office. 

Xiaoan Li has been promoted to senior program officer, and his work will focus on the Institute’s educational priorities. Previously a program officer, Xiaoan oversaw projects related to leadership, democracy, and higher education. 

Michelle Scheidt has been promoted to senior program officer and will be coordinating projects related to spiritual formation. Michelle's work has included a focus on emerging forms of spirituality, spiritual community, and chaplaincy; creating diverse opportunities for spiritual practice and individual spiritual growth; and connecting spiritual seekers with wisdom from the religious traditions.

Shakiyla Smith, previously a program officer, has been promoted to director of organizational culture. In this newly created role, she will lead the Institute’s efforts to foster a culture that is spiritually grounded. Her areas of responsibility will include diversity, equity, and inclusion; and organizational change efforts. Shakiyla will also work with the Institute’s partners to share knowledge and to learn from their approaches to organizational culture. 

William F. Vendley has joined the Fetzer Institute as a senior advisor for world religions. In this role he will work with leadership on strategy related to the faith traditions and interfaith efforts. Bill has previously served as secretary general of the World Conference of Religions for Peace. He is a pioneer in advancing multi-religious cooperation to help resolve conflict, address poverty, and protect the earth.

Learn more about these staff members and others by visiting the Our Community page of fetzer.org.