Meet Meghan

I manage Fetzer’s shared sacred story work and support its Southwest Michigan Initiative in local grantmaking and staff engagement. Prior to my current role, I supported Fetzer’s various grantmaking portfolios in project development and event planning, the Office of the President in research support, and also spent time in Fetzer’s archives. I am regularly inspired by the people I get to interact and collaborate with through my job: my co-workers, who remind me to “be the work” of transformation, and our partners, who are building a world that is more loving and just.

I became involved with local interfaith engagement in graduate school. Through the efforts of Kaufman Interfaith Institute, I was able to facilitate interfaith engagement for youth, plan events celebrating and educating folks on various religious traditions, and deepen the experience of my own faith tradition through my interactions with other faiths. This relational way of knowing and learning continues to be a touchstone of my personal and professional life.

I hold a master’s degree in Comparative Religion from Western Michigan University and an undergraduate degree in Religion from Hope College. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with my husband, two dogs, and cat.