Meet Shakiyla

As the vice president of organizational culture, I am tasked with leading efforts to foster a culture that is spiritually grounded, reflective of a community of freedom, diverse and inclusive, organizationally agile, and growth-oriented. My work has both an internal aspect, with our wonderful staff, and an external component that connects with our partners. This is exciting to me as I have been exploring for myself and others how we build our individual and collective capacity to meet the life and societal demands of the 21st century, which require new ways of being, knowing, and acting.

I have an eclectic mix of training and experience that grounds me in my work to support personal and collective growth within and through relationship. I have a master's degree in public health from Emory University and a doctorate in adult education with a focus on organizational development from the University of Georgia. Prior to joining Fetzer, I have worked in the areas of violence prevention research, program development and evaluation, and research administration for more than 15 years both within academia and the federal government. I have a background in fundraising and intercultural education, having lived and worked in Southern Africa coordinating immersive study abroad programming. I also work with individuals and groups as an action researcher interested in the evolution of consciousness in adults, adult development, and adaptive and collaborative learning using the method of action inquiry. I am a trained yoga and meditation instructor, energy medicine (reiki) practitioner, and facilitator of deeper learning and transformation.

I am a proud tree hugger and enjoy being in nature and exploring new places and dimensions of myself. I love reading, writing, indoor roller skating (with four wheels), and dancing—the balance between action and reflection.