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Explore the themes of identity, race, nobility, and violence in this guide to Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson. Part of the We the People Book Club, a year-long program contemplating America’s past and possibilities, this guide was created for individual and group use. Questions within each theme facilitate (1) your interpretation of the text, (2) your personal reflections inspired by your reading, and (3) practices for you to try that animate the book's democratic values. Thanks to Julia Davis, Practicing Democracy Fellow, for writing these guides and coordinating the We the People Book Club program.

The We the People Book Club is a year-long program designed to give you an opportunity to strengthen your vision of democracy and your connections with others.

We affirm two principles. First, reading itself is a spiritual practice. Second, when this inner work inspires engagement with our neighbors and communities—as happens in book clubs—it becomes deeply democratic.

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