Meet Karen Joy

At Fetzer, I directly support Vice President of Global Outreach Sara Crichfield as we work to build momentum in a global movement steeped in spiritual transformation and grounded in love. I walk the path of spiritual seeker, discovering the many ways that Spirit moves through my life. I am an entrepreneur, expanding how I might bring more joy into the lives of those around me through my tiny bakeshop called Butter, a Bespoke Bakeshop. I am a certified ANFT Forest Therapy Guide, helping people reconnect with nature through forest bathing. I am a channeler of Source energies, allowing messages to arrive for people through my voice. And I am a regenerative farmer, working with the land to restore and heal the place I now call home, which is also the ancestral home of the Peoria and Bodwéwadmi (Potawatomi). Whether in the office, the bakery, the forest, or the farm, I am deeply committed to making the world a more loving and sacred place for all.