Meet Joseph

My work as a line cook on the Culinary team involves preparing and assisting in cooking daily lunch for staff and providing meals for our retreat center guests. I am incredibly excited to keep learning in the kitchen at Fetzer in conjunction with my culinary interests and pursuits in my home kitchen.

Growing up in a family restaurant, Chinn Chinn, and spending four years working at Bell’s Brewery, I’m unable to imagine a work environment that I could enjoy more than being in a kitchen or bakeshop—it’s where I'm most comfortable. I was so enamored with cookery and bakery work that during the course of finishing my college degree, I went on to culinary school and also completed a patisserie program.

Aside from time in the kitchens at Fetzer or at home, I spend my free time reading (primarily fiction but some history) and rock climbing. When colder fall weather arrives, I train in more southern areas, the New River gorge in West Virginia being my favorite.