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Fostering spiritual flourishing for all people

At the surface, religious attendance is waning, but look deeper and you’ll find that yearning for something more has not disappeared. Spiritual seeking is showing up in surprising spaces—in our dining rooms, in our workplaces, and in the public square. People are interested in going on retreat, attending neighborhood Shabbat dinners, taking tech sabbaths, learning contemplative practices, and volunteering all as ways to develop, deepen, and experience spiritual connection.

Fetzer’s work in this area supports spiritual care providers, spiritual innovators, and researchers who work to understand and strengthen a culture of Love, rooted in spirituality. Where is spiritual innovation happening? How are people connecting with and expressing their spiritual heritage? This work tracks what is emerging in our landscape in response to the needs of our times.

Through innovative partnerships we are helping build new fields and create networks of leaders rooted in Love who are creating the spiritual infrastructure for our shared future.

Our Spirituality Work in Action

Grid of six faces of people with connection to Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
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Supporting chaplaincy and spiritual care

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab sparks practical innovations that enable chaplains to care for the souls of those they serve and to reduce human suffering. Fetzer funding provides support for chaplains of color and chaplains who identify as religious Nones.

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Fetzer Project Snapshot

Nurturing spiritual innovation

Sharing Spiritual Heritage supports spiritual leaders in their work to honor the rich teachings of our historic faith and wisdom traditions while applying them creatively in today’s time.

woman sitting on a rock journaling with flowering tree in foreground
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Building strong spaces for contemplation

The Retreat Center Collaboration creates space for inner and outer transformation and reimagines retreat for the benefit of all people and the planet.

Sacred Design Lab logo
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Designing for the human soul

Sacred Design Lab explores and interprets the changing landscape of community and spiritual life through research, collaboration, and thought leadership.

2 people prepare food in an Innovative Learning and Living Institute program
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Navigating the adventure of becoming

The Innovative Learning and Living Institute helps young adults embody knowledge, bridge cultural worldviews, and promote collective healing through its semester-long residency program.

Spirituality study report cover
Fetzer Project Snapshot

Understanding spirituality in America

Research exploring how and why people—whether affiliated or not with religious institutions—make meaning and purpose in their lives and experience transcendent connection.

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