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Harnessing the Power of Faith and Spirituality to Catalyze a Global Movement of Unity, Justice, and Love



“Movements grow not through the efforts of a single tree, but through the strength of the forest. By cultivating diverse allies with shared values, we build an unshakable foundation rooted in solidarity and love. Shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-hand, we manifest the change we wish to see.”

— Bob Boisture, President & CEO

On the surface, traditional religious affiliation may be declining in the U.S. But look deeper and you’ll find the human yearning for faith and spirituality is still strong. Across cultures and demographics, people are seeking out community, practices, and wisdom to nourish their spirits and guide their contributions to society. 

At Fetzer, we see a global movement of Spirit-guided changemakers, that are centering faith and spirituality in building a more just, loving world. This awakening presents an unprecedented opportunity. 

Our work aims to empower today's faith-based and spiritual champions. We identify where sacred-centered innovation is emerging, and support the pioneers cultivating spirit-rooted solutions to society's greatest challenges. 

Through partnerships, rooted in love, we are helping mobilize a decentralized movement to advance shared flourishing. We provide resources to accelerate the impact of changemakers guided by faith, spirituality, and sacred wisdom. 

Together, we are catalyzing a spirit-rooted global movement for the thriving, equitable world we seek. Join us in nurturing the seeds of renewal unfolding all around us as we build toward a society centered in wisdom, justice, and love. 

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