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Elevating narratives of Love

The teachings of our religious traditions provide a sacred connection to Love that guides every dimension of life. They establish a path for the faithful and how we teach our children; how we support our families; and how we show up as neighbors and citizens.

The Fetzer Institute is interested in how faith and religion contribute to shared flourishing. Research correlates religious belief with health outcomes and connects faith-rooted practices—such as compassion, forgiveness, and gratefulness—with positive societal impacts. But imagine the scope of how our redemptive visions of Love grounded in faith positively affect individuals, society, and the natural world.  

We are supporting religious leaders, scholars, practitioners, and faith-based organizations in embodying and sharing the narratives of Love that live in their distinct traditions.

Our Faith Work In Action

plant and root illustration Breaking Ground book cover
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Renewing our civilization post-COVID

Breaking Ground connects faith-inspired local doers with public voices and institutions to embroider Love onto the fabric of our pluralistic society.

Religions for Peace assembly of faith and govt leaders
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Responding to the world's pressing issues

Religions for Peace brings together faith leaders who play a vital role in dealing with war, poverty, and other challenges at local, regional, and international levels.

Mosaic with face profiles and hand w flower
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Sharing a story for the entire human family

The shared sacred story project, grounded in the sacred stories of our faith traditions, offers a vision of who we are as a human family and how we can flourish together.

A group of volunteers with the Kaufman Interfaith Institute
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Promoting interfaith understanding and mutual respect

The Kaufman Institute uses interfaith dialogue and shared service to support a vibrant and diverse West Michigan community for all generations.  

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