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Last year, the Fetzer Institute hosted a series of virtual convenings to harvest what folks were learning about creating meaningful sacred space using online tools, resulting in a report called "Creating Sacred Space Virtually." While this effort was a direct response to the pandemic, many facilitators and retreat centers are finding that virtual programming might be here to stay, primarily for reasons of accessibility.

What can facilitators and conveners of “sacred space” learn from one other as we lean into the post-COVID world? We’d love to hear your experiences and questions in the virtual conversation on June 9 from 3-4:30 pm EST. We’ll be joined by program officers Xiaoan Li and Michelle Scheidt from the Fetzer Institute for a presentation on their report and a time of sharing.

To register for this free conversation and receive the Zoom link, please e-mail


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GilChrist is the public retreat center of the Fetzer Institute. We support the Institute’s mission of helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world by preserving a contemplative environment for healing self, society, and the natural world. We warmly welcome both groups and individuals and people of all faiths and affiliations.