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In solidarity with state, national, and global efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, GilChrist will be closed to all guests from March 15 through April 30. 

Have you wondered why some of your life patterns seem impossible to resolve? Have you felt spiritually blocked and can’t figure out what to do next? Come to Gilchrist to explore the family generational patterns in your family soul that influence and energetically block your spiritual path through contemplative exercises and family generational healing sessions. You will have time alone and in silence during the retreat to contemplatively reflect, journal, and walk on the beautiful GilChrist grounds. These reflective spaces will both put you in touch with your family soul, help you to identify the family pattern you feel called to investigate, and deepen the work begun in the family generational healing sessions. Individual and group rituals will be part of the retreat. Individual conferences with the retreat directors will also be available.

"I have been on many retreats and this was an experience in spiritual wholeness, incorporating generational release/freedom for new beginnings and fresh continuance."  -- Susan Carlson

About the Facilitators

Dr. Paulette Robinson has been a contemplative shamanic practitioner for over 20 years. She is dedicated to the energetic healing, integration and well-being of her clients. She also works as a writer, teacher, as well as a spiritual and life coach. She has a Master’s degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Hawaii. She is a graduate of the 2-year Apprenticeship Program with the Guild for Spiritual Guidance. She is a trained certified facilitator in Individual, Family and Organizational Systemic Constellations. She is currently completing a certificate in past-life regression with Atlantic University.

Dr. Jeanette Banashak is the co-founder/director of The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute, offering education and pilgrimages for practical, integrative, unitive living. She also teaches mindfulness and contemplative practices to children and adults and has just released The Mindful Pilgrimage: A 40 Day Pocket Devotional for Pilgrims of Any Faith or None.

Retreat Details

To register for the retreat, contact Paulette Robinson at (301) 332-1358 or

The retreat cost of $750 includes your lodging, facilitated programming, snacks on Thursday night and all meals through Sunday morning breakfast. Check in is between 1:30-4:30 on Thursday, May 14. Check out is at noon on Sunday, May 17. Because of the high demand for this retreat, there are no registration refunds. 


GilChrist Retreat Center

Three Rivers , MI 56265 Day Road