Teaching to the test isn't working. We think we know why.

We all agree that reading, writing, and math are important skills for all children to learn. But our kids need and deserve more.

With school systems being challenged by a pandemic, record numbers of teachers and staff leaving the vocation, and the onset of a mental health crisis in young adults, something has to change.

At the Fetzer Institute, we believe that our greatest social challenges have spiritual solutions, and this is why we funded recent research from UNICEF and the Learning for Well-being Foundation.

“What Makes Me: Core Capacities for Living and Learning,” charts 9 capacities essential for childhood development and for lifelong learning. And the essence of each? A spiritual core.

This report is for teachers, counselors, researchers, and anyone who loves, works with, and advocates for children.

Learn more about the 9 core capacities by downloading the full report today!

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Xiaoan Li
Senior Program Officer

I really enjoy helping build an ecosystem for the spiritual development of children and youth. That body of work focuses on the question of how to promote the spiritual and moral development of young people in and through U.S. pre-K and K - 12 schools with the goal of better integrating the head and the heart, the mind, the body, and the soul.