Walking the GilChrist Grounds During COVID-19

To Our Guests and Daytime Visitors

Thank you for your interest in walking the GilChrist grounds! We are grateful that GilChrist holds a very special place of contemplation and stillness for our community. In the midst of instability and uncertainty during a global pandemic, we crave the reassurance of nature’s nurturing.

During this time of physical separation, we hope that folks are taking the opportunity to rediscover their local neighborhoods and parks, extending a spirit of compassion to our neighbors with a friendly wave and a smile. However, if you crave a solitary experience in nature, you are very welcome to walk the trails at GilChrist. Please kindly review the following information before you visit:

  • If you are sick, please stay home and take good care of yourself.

  • Note that guests walk at their own risk, and keep a mobile phone on your person at all times in case of emergency. An emergency landline phone is available mounted in a bright red box on the outside of the main office.
  • Phone or text Gail Walters, our on-site staff person, in advance to let her know the date and time you intend to walk (269-244-5917). 
  • Park in the main parking lot, down the hill from WindHill.
  • Plan for your personal needs while on site. All of our common areas are closed to guests at this time, but we do have a portable toilet and handwashing station in the parking lot. Consider bringing your own hand sanitizer, as well as a mask in case close contact with another person is necessary.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least six feet between humans and animals.

Thank you for your partnership in grieving, grounding, wondering, and caretaking during this strange time. You are a precious member of our community, and we wish you and all beings a sense of calm and safety.