In these times...

As COVID-19 brings ever-changing circumstances and uncertain times, we want you to know that as an organization we are responding practically while affirming the relevance of our mission and the importance of our partners’ work. This moment calls us all to be relationship-centered and to act with expediency in service to a greater good.

Following the directives from state officials concerning social distancing, we are tending to our commitment to public health and the circles of care that entails. Our staff is working remotely; our retreat centers are closed; and we are gathering virtually when possible.

Our mission compels us to remember the power of love, hope, and generosity and to do everything we can to foster the conditions for resiliency. We are supporting each other at Fetzer through virtual staff gatherings, leaning into our spiritual practices, and are extending our and our partners’ resources to you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You may want to explore resources from some of our partners. On Being is offering a listening care package for uncertain times; Spirituality & Practice is compiling practices to disarm fear and sustain hope; and StoryCorps is offering stories to lift our spirits.

As we all face this together, we affirm:

  • Our deep interdependence, not only with our neighbors, but with all of our fellow citizens,  the entire human family, and the natural world,
  • The preciousness of every life,
  • The importance of standing together, with open minds and hearts and a generosity of spirit, and
  • The power of love to overcome fear.

We will continue to update this page and encourage you to let us know how you are and what helps you during this time of great challenge and opportunity.

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Parker Palmer quote on abundance

Parker Palmer on abundance

Where are you witnessing the sharing Parker Palmer references? How can you contribute to another's sense of abundance?

This quote is from our Seasons Booklet, a welcome to the Fetzer Institute's retreat center, with essays on the seasons by Parker Palmer.