Sharing Spiritual Heritage

Sharing Spiritual Heritage is a report based on several years of research and conversations that are breathing life into the question: How will we hold onto the rich teachings of our historic faith and wisdom traditions while applying them creatively in today’s time?

If you are a spiritual leader/innovator who feels a little on the fringe; if you are studying theology and the changing religious landscape; if you are seeking spiritual nourishment in new and life-giving ways, this report may be for you. Other questions explored in the report include:

  • Who are your people and what are they thirsty for?
  • Are the spiritual formation processes within existing religious structures declining in relevance in public life?
  • Is our universal need for inner work what connects us in solidarity through diversity?
  • How will we reimagine roles and institutions as the spiritual and religious landscape dramatically shifts?

Fetzer is supporting an emerging field of spiritual innovators—spanning across the leaders within historic faith traditions and those leading new forms of spiritual community and practice outside of historic faith traditions. Together they are voicing the needs of the people they serve, holding in reverence the traditions they practice, and asking bold questions about the future.

Spiritual Heritage Report Preview

Download this report to join us in helping build this new field and nurture this incredible conversation among leaders who are creating the spiritual infrastructure of the future. We’ll send you updates about spiritual heritage as new developments arise.

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Senior Program Officer

Michelle Scheidt is the lead facilitator of our Sharing Spiritual Heritage work and serves as a senior program officer at Fetzer. She is passionate about helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world.