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Each person's grief is as unique as their fingerprint. But what everyone has in common is that no matter how they grieve, they share a need for their grief to be witnessed. —David Kessler

Death, loss, and grief are profound, inevitable experiences that will affect every one of us. They also hold the potential for deep spiritual awakening and learning. To honor the profound loss of life due to the pandemic we offer these resources on grieving from A Network for Grateful Living, Spirituality & Practice, On Being, and more.

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Light a candle

Lighting candles is a sacred ritual used for many purposes. Visit Gratefulness.org to engage in this beautiful candle lighting practice.
Light a candle

Conversations on Spirituality and End of Life Care

Healthcare providers, caregivers, and others explore supporting people at the intersection of illness, spirituality, and end of life.
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Spirituality & Practice Resources on Grief

Spirituality & Practice has compiled a wide array of resources on grief, from books and films to e-courses and practices.
Find resources on grief

The On Being Project: An Invitation to Brave Space

In this On Being conversation, Lennon Flowers and Rev. Jennifer Bailey, founders of The People's Supper, issue an invitation to brave space.
Listen to the conversation

On Being: Encountering Grief Meditation

Roshi Joan Halifax leads a ten-minute guided meditation on grief.
Listen to the meditation

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Rabindranath Tagore on Faith

Rabindranath Tagore on faith

In your darkest moments, how has your sense of something greater—whether the divine, in whatever form that takes for you; love; or nature—lifted you?

Nobel Peace Laureates: Adolfo Esquivel on Silence, Meditation and Light


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Spirituality & Practice (S&P) is a multi-faith website devoted to resources for spiritual journeys. While respecting differences among traditions, S&P celebrates what they share in common.

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Award-winning public radio conversation and podcast. Hosted by Krista Tippett, On Being examines the animating questions at the center of human life.