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People tend to think that creativity is a solitary endeavor, yet artists often talk about having a muse and the joy they experience creating for their loved ones. In ancient China it was said that it takes two to create a masterpiece: an artist who imagines something beautiful and a person who appreciates it.

To do your part in creating a masterpiece:

  • Share a drawing, painting, photograph, poem, or other work of art—an original piece or one you admire—with someone you love.
  • Respond to a loved one's creativity by writing a letter or email of appreciation or calling them.

This practice was developed for the Fetzer Institute by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, directors of Spirituality & Practice.

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Edith Wharton: Spreading Light

Edith Wharton on spreading light

We all have the capability to illuminate the darkness—more so if we are not attached to how we do it. How does Edith Wharton’s quote reflect your experience?

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