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The Spirit of Humanity Forum for 2019 asks important questions to support greater harmony and peace in our interconnected world. What relational practices can we foster? How might leaders actively nurture spiritual qualities? What stories can we share to transcend difference? Here are just a few resources to encourage reflection and support those on this journey toward more generative and peaceful relationships among individuals, communities, and society.

Fetzer Resources

Conversation Cards

Incorporate more love, forgiveness, and compassion into your daily life with these conversation starters. 52 cards with quotations, questions to discuss, and actions to take. Designed for you to use on your own or with others at home, school, work, and elsewhere. Also available in Spanish: Tarjetas de Conversación.

Print (on both sides) and cut your own set. Created for use with 8.5 x 11 inch paper.


The Poetic Unfolding of the Human Spirit

What does it mean in this day and age to explore a global dream? John Paul Lederach, professor of International Peacebuilding at the University of Notre Dame, writes a rare travelogue reflecting on what it means to be fully engaged in the world. "My vocation falls somewhere between a Hopi rainmaker and VanGogh's Potato Planter,"  he writes. His travelogue carries within it many touchstones that will open your heart and mind.

External Resources

The Reverence Project

A section of curated content on reverence as one of 37 essential spiritual practices offered by our friends at Spirituality & Practice
The Reverence Project

Dialogue Modeled from On Being

What it looks (and sounds) like when two people engage common life, even in the absence of common ground. Part of The Civil Conversations Project from our friends at On Being.
Dialogue Modeled