Meet Christine

I collaborate with leadership to foster a thriving culture by focusing on recruiting, staff well-being, and organizational development, ensuring that the way we work together as a community reflects our values and embodies our mission. I joined the HR profession in 2011 after discovering my love of organizational culture and development. I received my bachelor’s degree in organizational management and a master's degree in management and organizational leadership. My passion for people and culture is driven by the opportunity to support and inspire great people doing amazing work. I believe that every day is an opportunity for growth and learning if one is open to being influenced by the people and world around them. I hope for a world where organizational culture and development are as noticeable in human resources practices as policy and procedure.

I am the mother of an amazing adult daughter who, along with her wonderful wife has deeply enriched my life. I am also an aunt to eight nieces and nephews who bring me great joy. My other passions include volunteer work, health and fitness, life-long learning, and conversations in the sunshine.