black and white goat chewing on grass
By Gail Walters

This piece is part of a series offered by the GilChrist team during the month of October about practices of healing, in honor of GilChrist’s 25th anniversary on October 15.


The Tao of Puck the Goat

What a special fellow you are
So unaware and useless it seems.

But I know better-
You are wise and witty
You don’t ask for what you want
You just assume it is there for you.

I love that you are so unconscious
You have no shame
You do not judge
You are just present and aware of the moment-
Waiting for any treat I might give you, 
And, that I will scratch your back and give you
A friendly word or two.

I love too, that I can be ‘Gail’ when I’m with
Puck the Goat.


GilChrist retreat center logo with white pine sprig

GilChrist is the public retreat center of the Fetzer Institute. We support the Institute’s mission of helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world by preserving a contemplative environment for healing self, society, and the natural world. We warmly welcome both groups and individuals and people of all faiths and affiliations.