sun rising over meadow with a sculpture and trees in background
By Deborah Haak-Frost

"Welcome to GilChrist, a place where natural beauty strengthens our human capacity for compassion, gratitude, reverence, and creativity." So states our home page, which invites you to explore a personal retreat for yourself.

We now have reservations open for 2023! Take a look at your calendar to set aside some time for reflection and rest next year. Fill out our reservation request form here to get started.

Guests come with a variety of intentions: to deepen their spiritual practice, observe the anniversary of a significant event, spend quality time with a partner, journey through grief and healing, or simply to be alone in a place of quiet. Our fully-equipped cabins and spacious grounds are ready to support you while you're here.

Interested in a group retreat rather than a solo stay? We're working with facilitators now as they thoughtfully craft group retreats open to the public for next year. Stay tuned, and we'll have more information in the coming months!


Deborah Haak-Frost, Caretaker for Community Engagement, is ready to help you reserve your contemplative time at GilChrist. When she's not in the office, she enjoys gardening, baking, and volunteering with local organizations in Three Rivers. 


GilChrist retreat center logo with white pine sprig

GilChrist is the public retreat center of the Fetzer Institute. We support the Institute’s mission of helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world by preserving a contemplative environment for healing self, society, and the natural world. We warmly welcome both groups and individuals and people of all faiths and affiliations.