Colorful "Be A Voter" stickers

Spirituality compels people to engage in action and activities tied to creating a better nation and world—and helps sustain action.
—Rev. Adam Russel Taylor, Executive Director, Sojourners and “What Does Spirituality Mean to Us?” advisor

Our spirituality study, What Does Spirituality Mean to Us? found that people who identify as most spiritual are most likely to engage in all kinds of prosocial, civic, and political activities—and believe those actions are important. We also found that people who identify as slightly spiritual are least likely to engage in prosocial and civic activities. And, many people who overtly claim they are not spiritual may hold civic-mindedness as a component of their secular ideology. Do any of these findings resonate with you, personally?

What underlying experience, belief, or moral value drives your civic involvement? Trace what has shaped your civic-mindedness and how that motivates your actions. Discuss this with family members, friends, fellow students, and others.

We invite you to share in the comments your own answers and what you’re finding in your conversations with others.