Two hands clasped

Dying is a universal experience, yet we have such trouble talking about it, allowing for our own and others’ grief, and learning from this profound and mysterious passage. In the video below, Carla Fernandez, co-founder of The Dinner Party considers what we miss when we avoid the topic and the precious lessons it offers us.

We’ve all experienced loss, whether the death of someone close to us or other losses in our lives—a pet, a job, a relationship, a home. What lessons have death or loss taught you? How do or might those lessons inform how you live? How might you live into those lessons this month and beyond?

Update: Since this was published, Carla shared the video above on Instagram with a note about her time at Fetzer.

Bringing me back to a magical week in the woods of @fetzerinstitute with the greats @luvalovelight, @koshinpaleyellison, @letsreimagine, and other heroes digging into what cultural levers need pulling to change how we relate to death and grief. 'Takes me back! Thank you, Fetzer Institute.

Thank you, Carla, for the many Dinner Tables you have set—with love—to help us grieve.