Aerial shot of coast of Lincoln City, Oregon after sunset

Our free, downloadable “Guide to Exploring Spirituality & Civic Life” includes key findings from “What Does Spirituality Mean to Us? A Study of Spirituality in the US,” related activities, questions, and actions to help you explore your own spirituality and how it relates to your civic life. We invite you to use the following prompt from the guide for this month’s practice.

People feel spiritual in a multitude of ways—such as feeling divine love; the presence of a higher power; a deep connection to others; awe or wonder in the natural world. What are the ways in which you feel spiritual?

Explore: Write down a time when you felt spiritually connected. Where were you? Who was there? What were you doing?

Reflect: Why does this moment stand out to you?

Act: Pay attention to moments—even the most fleeting ones—when you feel spiritually connected. How might you attune yourself to these moments? How might you create the conditions for more of those moments in your life?