Meet John

Much of my time at GilChrist is spent working on the land, cutting grass, and removing snow. I also do a great deal of maintenance on machinery and all aspects of our buildings. I enjoy the variety of work, whether it’s repairing a rototiller or leading a morning meditation.

My other area of responsibility is what brought me to this work in the first place. I have been leading and participating in meditations for most of my time at GilChrist. This opened the door for me to grow spiritually and to see others open up to themselves and find a gentler understanding of themselves and others. Out of this process has come a deepening acceptance of who I am, just as I am.

I came to GilChrist in 1996, having finished a Doctorate of Education in Counseling and course work in contemplative case supervision at Naropa University, which was where I began practicing Buddhist meditation.

One of my favorite work stories was meeting a woman and her 15 year-old daughter who had come to GilChrist to see about getting a gift certificate for a friend. We spent about an hour touring the grounds, cabins, and Stone Chapel. A few days later, I got a call from the mother asking if she might use the Stone Chapel to celebrate her daughter’s 16th birthday with friends. We agreed and scheduled the gathering for sunset. I prepared the chapel: I lit candles, laid a fire, arranged seating, placed flowers on each chair, scattered rose petals on the path, and left just before they arrived. I was happy to learn they had a great experience.