Democracy conversation cards with a quote by Oren Lyons, related questions, and an activity.

This month we turn to the wisdom of Oren Lyons, Indigenous rights advocate, for inspiration. Lyons' quote is featured in our Conversation Cards on Democracy, Freedom, Equality, and Common Good. This set of 52 cards includes quotes from a broad spectrum of national leaders, both historical and contemporary, and is designed to encourage reflection, conversation, and action. Order or download a free set of cards here.

If you do not have a moral question in your governing process, then you do not have a process that is going to survive.
—Oren Lyons

Reflect: What moral questions do you want to be central to decision-making in our democracy?

Act: What spiritual values do you want to encourage? Find an object you can carry that symbolizes the spiritual values you want to encourage in our democracy, such as a pin of a bird for freedom or peace.




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