Photo of Uvinie Lubecki
By Michelle A. Scheidt, Senior Program Officer

Compassionate leadership, a rare skill set, is a core competency Uvinie Lubecki is dedicated to making commonplace through her work with Leading Through Connection. No stranger to the business sector, Uvinie has worked in the start-up world selecting, managing, and evaluating innovation projects. She was part of the incubation team at Aetna; head of business strategy and new product innovation at RelayHealth McKesson; and a management consultant on Deloitte’s innovation strategy team. Her background is at the root of the business savvy, strategic thinking, and innovator mindset that are Univinie’s superpowers in her latest endeavor.

She founded Leading Through Connection in 2018 to help proliferate compassionate leadership across sectors, including business, via workshops, executive coaching, and speaking engagements. Fetzer supported Leading Through Connection’s launch because of Uvinie’s novel and promising approach of bringing longstanding spiritual wisdom to contemporary organizational challenges.

Since 2013 Uvinie has focused her work on transformation and expanding access to spiritual teachings, especially in settings where the language of spirituality and transformation are not common. Her unique approach to coaching integrates these concepts appropriately and seamlessly.

As a spiritual entrepreneur—an innovator and master translator who seeks to expand access to spiritual teachings—Uvinie grounds her work in her Buddhist practice. With Leading Through Connection, she offers the teachings of compassion, mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual grounding into everyday life at work. Grounded in solid research and brain science, her approach bolsters organizational effectiveness, provides resilient leaders, improves organizational performance and retention, and enhances team dynamics. This work demystifies compassion with language and practices that are both accessible and grounded in tradition, turning compassion into action in the workplace.

Uvinie’s client list is a “who’s who” of prominent companies and organizations, from tech and business to government and nonprofits: Macy’s, Eileen Fisher, Johnson & Johnson, Google, Facebook, GoPro, Volvo Cars, Pachamama Alliance, California Department of Justice, Greater Good Science Center, and more. Her speaking engagements, virtually and in person, have connected with large and diverse audiences such as Wisdom 2.0, Upswell, Charities Review Council, Stanford School of Medicine, University of Washington Seattle, Berkely Haas School of Business, and Kaiser Permanente. Her work was profiled in GQ Magazine in Germany and Forbes.

She is also part of a cohort of spiritual innovators reimagining roles and institutions as society’s spiritual and religious landscape shifts. Learn more about this effort by downloading Fetzer’s Sharing Spiritual Heritage report.


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