Healing the Heart of American Democracy

  • A more perfect union The future of American democracy is in our hands and in our hearts.

Healing the Heart of American Democracy

Our country is in crisis. The toxicity and polarization that have been building over the past several decades threaten our democracy and the American dream. And in spite of this, we are finding hope. In conversations in our hallways, in our communities, beyond our physical walls and national borders, there is energy for working for a common good and re-imagining the American dream. 

We believe democracy can flourish by committing to and activating civic virtues that transcend ideology, race, and class. If we are to heal American democracy, we must work together to create a shared moral and spiritual vision of what America should be. This vision must be deeper and more powerful than anything that divides us.

Working with various sectors–voluntary, religious and spiritual, business, and higher education, among others—to shape this work, we are currently formulating a multi-year initiative to catalyze and support a powerful movement to heal the heart of American democracy. 

The Fetzer Institute has long held the belief that inner transformation is essential to any lasting change; this idea will drive this new movement. Early work is underway, including:

  • Innovation grants of $4,000 for college campuses toward Interfaith Leadership for the Civic Good: Healing the Heart of American Democracy through our partner InterfaithYouth Core;
  • Convenings with social entrepreneurs, religious and spiritual leaders, and among  philanthropy and business professionals;
  • Polling and focus group work to better understand attitudes toward healing democracy on spiritual and moral terms;
  • Mapping existing initiatives, organizations, and resources that support healing conversations and other bridge-building strategies.

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Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash