From isolation and division to sacred relationship and community

Advisory Council Slideshow

  • Belonging, Meaning, and Love Fetzer President and CEO, Bob Boisture, shares program updates with the Fetzer staff.

  • Belonging, Meaning, and Love Fetzer board member, Lynne Twist, poses for a selfie after a presentation at Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco

  • Belonging, Meaning, and Love Participants engage in a deep-listening practice at an offsite retreat  

  • Belonging, Meaning, and Love Master Chungliang Huang shares his insights with the Fetzer community

Around the world, people are experiencing symptoms of isolation and division: we may lack a sense of purpose; feel fearful, angry or hopeless; or act only in the interest of ourselves or our group. 

But we believe in the possibility of a different world: A world where we understand we are all part of one human family, and know our lives have purpose. Where we feel a sense of connection to ourselves, each other, and our planet. And where we love boldly, transforming the world into a more loving home for all. 

Spirit is at the heart of this transformation, and serves as the animating force for all we do.

To live into this world, we are inspiring and serving a movement for:

Personal transformation: Encouraging spiritual development for all people.
Societal transformation: Supporting inclusive communities and institutions around the world that are grounded in spirit.
Scientific and spiritual inquiry: Exploring the relationship between science and spirituality to support a fuller understanding of our existence.

At Fetzer, we are part of a web of individuals and organizations around the world engaged in this common work. For that reason, we are committed to working collaboratively through long-term partnerships grounded in a common vision for a more loving home for all. 

Our partnerships support work in a variety of disciplines and issue areas. Learn more about our current work addressing democracy and civic life.