Americans are people of many different backgrounds and beliefs, united by a powerful idea: we are all created equal. We believe everyone deserves the freedom and opportunity to pursue our own happiness and purpose in life.

But fear and anger are tearing at the fabric of America. Division and suspicion threaten our very survival as a democratic nation.

We, the people, have the power to shape our democracy. Working together, we can transcend the labels that polarize us and develop a fuller understanding of what unites us. We can cultivate sacred connections with our neighbors and build a shared vision for our communities and our country.

An inclusive America begins with each of us, as individuals. We have the responsibility to practice spiritual and moral virtues that enable us all to flourish as members of a democratic society:

  • Love in the face of hatred and division
  • Respect for every person’s sacred dignity and worth
  • Commitment to the greater good
  • Humility to admit we might not have all the answers
  • Openness to having our minds changed by those with whom we disagree
  • Courage to compromise
  • Wisdom to see that we’re all in this together—and that none of us can truly prosper unless we all prosper

These are simple rules we can live by every day. They can help all of us open our hearts, find a common purpose, and make our democracy work for the greater good of all.

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Democracy Takes Practice

Each month we offer a practice to help strengthen and deepen the way we live out democracy in ourselves and in relationship with our neighbors and communities. Some practices enhance or support the essential civic virtues, such as respect and service. Others help us deal with problems and obstacles that depress democracy. This month's practice is about listening behind. Check it out.