Sacred Travel: The Pilgrimage Experience Conversation Guide

Sacred Travel: The Pilgrimage Experience Conversation Guide

Explore the topic of sacred places and spaces with video clips, conversation prompts, and other resources from SACRED TRAVEL: THE PILGRIMAGE EXPERIENCE, a Global Spirit program featuring novelist Pico Iyer, anthropoligist Zoila Mendoza, and writer Phil Cousineau. Themes include Pilgrimage and Personal Experience, Pilgrimage and Intention, Pilgrimage and the Unknown, Pilgrimage: Sacred Destinations, Pilgrimage: Traveling Inward, and Pilgrimage: A Journey into Community.  

This stand-alone conversation guide introduces six related topics, featuring short clips from the program (2-3 minutes each) and questions for reflection. Use it on your own, in writing exercises, or with others in a conversation format.



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Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash