Grace Lee Boggs on Education and Partnership


Grace Lee Boggs on Education and Partnership

Author and activist Grace Lee Boggs has seen many political, social, and economic changes and transformations in he 95 plus years of life. She encourages us to recognize the need to change how we think and create opportunities for education. The paradigm for education has relied on the top-down model and now partnership is needed more than ever. Technology is now enabling us to relate horizontally.  We need a change in our thinking about the purpose for education, the processes, and the settings.

The Fetzer Institute hosted a series of dialogues among community leaders from across the US and other regions of the world to explore perspectives on roles of leadership in community movements. The convening questions delved into experiences and philosophies about resilience, inclusivity, and individual and community transformation. During the meeting, author and activist Grace Lee Boggs reflected on her many years as a leader in the Civil Rights movement and as a community organizer in Detroit.

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