Our Work

At the Fetzer Institute, our work is about building the spiritual foundation for a loving world.


  • Love is a most powerful force in the world.
  • Love and forgiveness can be centering forces in every life, every day.
  • In the face of conflict and injustice, forgiveness is an essential expression of love.
  • Individual awareness of love and forgiveness can make a transformative impact on the world.


  • ​Inquiry, scientific rigor, collaboration, and engagement
  • Valuing diversity and inclusion we convene a global community
  • Open-minded, forward-thinking, innovative and supportive
  • Honoring many wisdom and religious traditions.


  • John Fetzer, radio and television broadcast pioneer and longtime owner of the Detroit Tigers, was a life-long seeker who believed the world’s most critical issues must be addressed at their roots, by understanding our spiritual and psychological lives. His legacy continues today through the efforts of the Institute.