Fetzer Institute Database of Love and Forgiveness, Socially Optimized Web Presence 
to Drive Conversations

September 13, 2012

Kalamazoo, MI, Sept. 19, 2012—The Fetzer Institute, a unique foundation dedicated to furthering awareness of the life-changing power of love and forgiveness in all areas of human endeavor, is launching a unique set of online tools and social media platforms to further that mission.

Through its advisory councils the Institute has been identifying and highlighting projects that underscore how love and forgiveness are instrumental to advances in areas from government to healthcare to humanities to social science. Those stories, told in formats varying from videos to computer games to artworks, give a multidisciplinary, global perspective to the importance and challenge of solving problems with love and forgiveness.

Accordingly, the Institute has overhauled its website, www.fetzer.org, with a robust storytelling infrastructure that blends multimedia displays and an interlinked network of partner organizations with easy social sharing.  A key consideration throughout the development process has been accessibility to all users, so the process followed the principals of universal design – design for as many users as possible -- via video captioning in multiple languages, alternate text tags for images and graphics and careful review of web design approaches.

In addition, Fetzer has expanded its presence in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to participate and facilitate conversations about love and forgiveness in these emerging public spaces.

More than a dozen project stories have been published on the new site so far, touching on stories from designers rebuilding Native American communities through pueblo restoration to Haitian artists supporting themselves through a steadfast “we-first” ideology. Within a few months, the site will include more than 70 project stories from initiatives worldwide.

“It’s important for us to not only recognize work that demonstrates the power of love and forgiveness, but also to build effective ways to communicate the lessons about that power,” said Fetzer CEO Lawrence E. Sullivan. “Our new set of online assets and tools enables us to take the conversation to a deeper level and a broader audience than ever before.”

The Fetzer Institute is a private operating foundation based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Established by broadcast pioneer John E. Fetzer (1901-1991), the Institute works with an international team of advisors to create programs that foster awareness of the power that love and forgiveness can have in our world.