Deborah Higgins Named Fetzer Institute Vice President of Program

Fetzer Institute President and CEO Robert Boisture has named Deborah Higgins vice president of program effective immediately. A member of the Institute’s program team since 2001, Higgins has served as program officer for evaluation and most recently as director of programs. As vice president of program, Higgins will help guide the development and implementation of the Institute’s program strategy and community development. “I am proud and excited to make this announcement,” said Boisture. “This appointment recognizes the extraordinary leadership Deb has brought to deepening our spiritual grounding, strengthening our staff community, and guiding our program team. Her deep understanding of—and passionate commitment to—the Institute’s spiritual identity and our aspirations for our staff and program are essential qualities for this position. She is a true exemplar of our values of love, trust, authenticity, and inclusion.”
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
portrait photo of Deborah Higgins